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Jim Fanshier would like to the thank the following:

Cast (in order of appearance)
NarratorJim Fanshier
Girls at college partySusan Fanshier, Norma Mortensen
Justeen NeuhoutonSue Fanshier
Jojo, the Drakata(Synthesized)
DeryaRuth Tompkins
The GrollJim Fanshier (with lots of spitting)
Dog ownerPJ Corvus
EnglishmanPete Chapman
FrenchmanMichael Dubilet
Small PeopleJeff Persek, Neema Sammack, Shawn Seabrook, Shalini Priti, Kim Bruce, Kathy Lee
Dance PartnerAnna Cruz
Dinner PartnerShawn Seabrook
TanyaDilek Koksal
RyzeaMarion Bouquet
PixiesJeff Persek, Neema Sammack, Shawn Seabrook, Shalini Priti, Kim Bruce, Kathy Lee
Flute Satyr, Lyre SatyrLaine from ALadyVox.com
Julios (Satyr)Andrea Graziani
Tree NymphAngela Reuss
Flower NymphKim Bruce
PhoenixPraveen Singh
Billy CallahanTom Bennett
Carol CallahanEmily Linard
NeedlesPete Chapman
LoveyMelissa H
VernDavid Tompkins
JimmsPJ Corvus
EvaLaine from ALadyVox.com
MermaidsKathy Lee, Katrin Kayser
Male MonsterJim Fanshier (growling)
Four Hungry GrollPJ Corvus, Shawn Seabrook, Kevin Ciccarelli, Angel Martinez
Female MonsterElla Bridges
Young Boy MonsterNate Austin
Young Girl MonsterAlaina Austin
Cabinets Of Pakas CaretakerJim Fanshier
Woman On TrailValerie Austin
Man On TrailTerry Laferriere
Girl On TrailAlaina Austin
MeganLaura K Welsh
Young DudeJonathan Dunne
MattKevin Ciccarelli

Strange Cast
The following may really be done by Jim Fanshier, but through some audio software tricks and/or changing his voice, you probably will not recognize him.
George Taylor
Samuel Ferguson Morgradle
Bad car driver
Barry Komichi
Louis Nekola
Sammy Sosa

Sound Effects
Most of the music:   PJ Corvus  pjcorvus.com
Band playing at the dwarf party:   Mad City Jug BandReverbNation.com/MadCityJugBand
Satyr flute:   Claudia Diener
Most of the sound effects: freesound   freesound.org
Sound Effect Credits: Part I   Part II   Part III

The Groll:   Cathy Van Meter
Groll Titles:   Zagore Kat
Dox, Candy Dish:   studiobeltran.com
Mermaid, wood nymph, satyr:   Mar Ballestreros (Miaurinn)
Sea monster, adlet:   Levi Lord