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George Taylor Justeen Newhouton Samuel Ferguson Morgradle Tanya The Groll Sammy Sosa Geisel



Groll Sammy Geisel
Our main character. A nerdy accountant that lives a boring life until he meets the shaman Samuel Ferguson Morgradle. George's girlfriend/fiancee. Devoted to George, until the spell from Morgradle changes their lives. The shaman, who can do your bidding, or bring your doom. Depends on the payment. Lost in the foreign magic land, George at last finds a translator, one of a race that can change their appearance ... but at a price. The groll. As soon as you see one of these creatures you know your days are numbered. Your only hope is that death comes before the groll. The most magical of pixies. He is also one of the few characters to have been both on Earth and this magic land. George is amazed at this 10-foot giant. But in this land of real giants, Geisel feels he is not a giant or a human.