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About Jim Fanshier

At one time a journalist, working for a weekly newspaper in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Then as a sportswriter at a small town in southern Oregon.

Then there was the career shift to engineering, working in Portland, Oregon for 26 years as a technical writer, software engineer, and semiconductor process engineer. Then the recession and various engineering jobs, finally ending up in San Diego, California.

While traveling to Korea (too many times to count), Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Germany and that summer in Hungary, and of course that regular visit to Austin, and trips to Boston, Burlington, San Jose, Boise, Fort Collins and that long stay in Dallas ... Jim noticed that everyone in every country and every city was the same. They just want to work enough to pay for running around with their friends and having a family to spend their life with. And it would all happen if it wasn't for ... those other people.

So a life story has turned into "The Groll".